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mandag den 4. oktober 2010

A polish and some glitters....

Sometimes, after wearing a nailpolish for 1 day or so, I like to add some different glitter polishes on top, just to see how it looks....

This time, I had China Glaze 'Ingrid' (from the 'Vintage Vixen' coll.) on my nails, and ended up adding (all China Glaze, from l to r ) 'Bad Kitty', 'Dynasty', 'Dreamsicle', 'Medallion', and 'Snow Globe'.

I especially love 'Bad Kitty' over 'Ingrid', because the sheer pink tone turns the brownish/golden 'Ingrid' in to a cool mauve.
'Dynasty' and 'Dreamsicle' are far to pigmented to be a nice top coat over 'Ingrid', IMO. 'Medallion' btw, adds a golden, cool effect with its yellow/green holographic glitter - I really liked that! Unfortunately, I couldn't capture that, with my poor camera :)

'Snow Globe' is a very thick, gelé top coat, but it is really awesome to most colours!

A holo-pic of 'Ingrid'-'Snow Globe'.

And this 'Ingrid', btw...... :)

Take care,
ML ;)

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